The Cross of Saint James is an ancient symbol of the warrior monk—one foot planted in heaven and the other on terra firma. As soldiers of the Cross, we must constantly be moving between the two realities of prayer and fighting a spiritual battle between good and evil.

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The Art of Life

“Life is to be lived to the fullest extent we can possibly imagine. Great achievements in human progress, unheard of acts of physical prowess, seminal moments in personal and family life, deep wellsprings of spiritual experience and awareness, all come from a limitless imagination.

Living life as art—this is the occupation of the human spirit, the emotional body, our mental potential and the physical body created in the ‘likeness and image of God’. Let each day be a canvas to paint the sunbursts of your dreams, to ignite the fire of your imagination . . .”

—James Frederick Jordan

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Intro to James

“God is the universal substance in existing things. He comprises all things. He is the fountain of all being. In Him exists everything that is.”

—Lucius Annaeus Seneca

James Frederick Jordan is an American businessman, author and speaker, who believes that discovering life’s purpose and creating beauty is the greatest adventure life has to offer. His Blog—The Art of Life, a nod to the late Norman Vincent Peale and his long running weekly radio broadcast, The Art of Living, advocates living authentically in order to find peace and true happiness.

Jordan’s work explores the fabric of the human spirit, capturing acute angles of its inner landscape with an insatiable curiosity that impregnates his observations. Jordan’s focus is on expanding awareness of, and opening dialogue to, important intellectual, spiritual and environmental issues, that directly impact the quality of our life on this earth. With this in mind, Jordan’s format for public events involves partnering with like-minded individuals and organizations, in order to bring together dedicated professionals in open forum, to educate, explore and exchange ideas.


Jordan’s debut novel, The Lost Ember, is a work of fiction. It is the first installment of the Cowboy Surfer’s Journal Anthology, and is expected to be available online and in bookstores by late fall of 2017.

Jordan’s non-fiction work has been “private-circulated” up until now. From these manuscripts, he is currently developing the book series: Essential Humanity, Book One, “Metamorphosis”, is expected out late 2017.


As a rhetorician Jordan is a sought after keynote speaker and seminar leader. A partial list of his areas of interest includes: the Arts, Astronomy, Epicurean Pursuits, Ethics, the Environment, Leadership, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Relationships, Religion and Sustainable Communities. Jordan travels from Santa Barbara, California.


Jordan is founder of Ember Creative Media, a center for creative collaboration, whose focus is the development, publishing, and/or production and licensing of a wide range of high-quality intellectual properties, Director of Rancho Esperanza International, Inc., a 501 (c) 3 corporation, CEO/President of The Jordan Group, comprised of ARCHER JORDAN Risk Advisors, an insurance consultancy, ARROW Administrative Services, a Third Party Administrator of health plans for government contractors, and ARROW Cloud Systems, a cloud data management company, Principal of JJ Napoli, a fashion design and manufacturing company based in San Francisco, CA and Naples, Italy, a Principal in Archer McDaniel Design Group, a real estate design/build company and Television Host, Actor, Voice-Over Talent, Writer and Producer. Jordan maintains a dynamic blog for the global community. His quarterly newsletter, The Art of Life (Currently under revision) is a resource for Authentic Living.

A partial resume: risk advisor, building contractor, fashion designer, Wall Street trader, real estate developer. Pursuits: avid outdoorsman, surfer, horseman, sailor and intrepid journalist. His favorite color is red.

Jordan is a strong advocate of Authentic Living, fierce opponent of the status quo, and believer that gratitude is the best support for the immune system.