Ember Creative Media

A Center for Creative Collaboration
“Even Wellsian stories can touch on the real otherworld of the Spirit. These kinds of stories that create regions of the spirit—they actually add to life, don’t they? They’re like some dreams that only come from time to time—they give us sensations we’ve never had before. You could say they enlarge our very idea of what’s possible in human experience.”

—C.S. Lewis in conversation with J.R.R. Tolkien

Ignite the fire of your imagination . . .
Ember Creative Media (ECM) is a center for creative collaboration. Our focus is in the development, publishing, and/or production and licensing of a wide range of high-quality intellectual properties. Our business model is to create inspiring media in collaboration with really smart and talented individuals and organizations around the globe to fulfill our mission of being instrumental in the Upliftment of the Human Spirit, and thereby providing hope to a world starving for meaning, purpose, human touch, unconditional love and spiritual sustenance.