Mount Everest

Mission Statement

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”
-Sir Edmund Hillary


James believes his life’s purpose is to contribute to the Upliftment of the Human Spirit.


James’ vision is to fulfill this purpose by combining his God given gifts and talents as a communicator, and his passion for living, to spread the “contagion of hope” through all available channels of media. He believes working in partnership with like-minded individuals and organizations, which hold the highest standards of ethical and creative integrity, is essential to seeing his vision come to fruition.


To realize his vision. As a first step, James formed Ember Creative Media (ECM) and the non-profit educational organization Rancho Esperanza International (REINTL) to harness these personal initiatives. The thinking behind creating these two entities is to provide James and his fellow collaborators with a flexible public platform to implement this mission.

ECM acts as the for-profit arm, and organizational umbrella behind all of James’ media output: written publications, oral presentations, radio, television and film projects, and to promote himself as a compassionate voice for the times.

Rancho Esperanza International is in its early stages of formation, and is developing in the following areas: forming strategic partnerships with individuals and organizations, developing a Youth Leadership Program, and looking at the physical and spiritual needs of the global community to see what opportunities of service may exist for RE INTL and her partners to make a difference.