Ancient of Days, William Blake.

What I Believe

“Jesus does not give recipes that show the way to God as other teachers of religion do. He is himself the way.”
-Karl Barth

A Return to Paradise

James Jordan’s message is one of returning to living a life of authenticity. His belief is that a loving and benevolent Creator painstakingly crafted a universe of beauty and harmony, intended to be home to His beloved children, created in His image. As a result of free will, these progeny fell from the heights of creation into a world of woe. In spite of this event, or loss of innocence, this same God showed His perfect love and forgiveness, sending into the world his only Son as a sacrificial lamb, to bridge the chasm between Creator and creature, and making possible a return to paradise, or spiritual union with God.

Jordan’s quest is to live a life imbued by the majesty and dignity that is the rightful inheritance of God’s children. It is James’s humanity and transparency that tells the story of a life often lived far from it’s true path, but it is his determination to fight against all odds to recapture a Paradise Lost that best sums up his heart.