Kaizen (改善), Japanese for “improvement” or “change for the best”, refers to philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement in processes in manufacturing, engineering, and business management.

Harmony In All Things

James is in love with the idea that business can exist and co-exist with the same harmony and unimpeded flow of events that takes place in nature, a pure symphony of collaboration, cooperation and purpose. By diligently working to to refine and uncompromisingly envision and implement these ideals and universal principles into his business endeavors, James has found a formula for a different type of business model, one that respects the dignity of the individual while proving efficient and profitable.

The Road Less Traveled

Following the crowd has never lead to great discovery, innovation or great profit. Taking a road less traveled always makes the greatest difference.

The Anticipation of Harvest

Growing an idea from the first glimmer of promise is what all great entrepreneurs live for, the anticipation of harvest. It’s not merely the financial rewards that drive great visionaries, it’s the nurture and love of creativity that makes possible new businesses.