JJ Napoli

Made in Italy

JJ Napoli creates artisan and craftspeople driven fashion, objet d’art and defining collectables for men and women, made entirely in Italy, naturally.

Small collections of leather goods made from love, passion and the sensibility only an Italian craftsperson could understand. Silk creations from Como. Hand-tailored suits from Napoli.

Brand Essence

The essence of our brand is to create exceptional and defining objects for men and women, objects that help define their personal style. The results are breathtaking, collections that feel uncompromisingly classic, yet up to date. The personality that goes into the DNA of every suit, every handbag or scarf, is reliable, sought-after, linked to tradition yet selectively open to modern ideas. We promise an elegant, refined manner of dress and/or functionality suitable for any occasion, delivering on that promise through creativity and intimate client research, remaining authentically an Italian label.

Our clientele expects only the best.