James Jordan “Rico” and his Dad


Fred Jordan Missions


“If anyone can show me, and prove to me, that I am wrong in thought or deed, I will gladly change. I seek the truth, which never yet hurt anybody. It is only persistence in self-delusion and ignorance which does harm.”
-Marcus Aurelius


James Jordan delivers powerful presentations for these times we live in. His message of overcoming fear and disappointment in order to find deep, far-reaching solutions goes beyond rhetoric. A California native, James is President/CEO of Archer Jordan Risk Advisors, President of Ember Creative Media and Founder and Chairman of Rancho Esperanza International, an innovative educational non-profit organization.

James has spent his life searching, trying desperately to better understand how to live a life of authenticity. Through the highs and sometimes devastating lows of his quest, James has found fulfillment in helping others; whether speaking to Individuals about discovering their true purpose for being, CEO’s from the Luxury Sector, Small Business Owners, or Fortune 500 Sales Executives, it is James’s humanity that most touches his audiences.


A natural speaker and teacher, James began his “elocution” lessons early. Born the eldest son of a prominent Los Angeles area television personality, James’s late-father founded the international non-profit Fred Jordan Missions (FJM) in 1944. James began speaking to live audiences and on television at a young age, eventually traveling the globe with FJM as an ambassador of goodwill. In the spring of 1993 James began planting the early seeds of his speaking career after enrolling in a groundbreaking graduate program on “Language in Business”, facilitated through the University of Santiago, Chile.

James has traveled the world taking his unique message of living authentically to the world. A partial list of James’s seminar and consulting clients include: Bank of America, UBS, Merrill Lynch, Toyota Motor Corp., Mercedes Benz, Countrywide Mortgage, Ricoh and Primerica. Jordan’s business experience includes: Risk Management, Real Estate Development, Investment and Design, Wall Street, Entertainment, and the Fashion Industry.


A skilled horseman and surfer, James grew up splitting his time between two working ranches and the California coast. James is proud of his family’s legacy of public service and land stewardship in America, dating back to “1610” in Jamestown, Virginia. He is an active outdoorsman with a reverential regard for the environment, one that deeply impacts his worldview. James is author of a soon to be released fictional anthology, The Lost Ember, first installment of the Cowboy Surfer’s Journal Anthology, an epic adventure tale set on an early land grant rancho.

James hopes to inspire, as he talks to individuals about connecting to their authentic nature and living the life they were intended to live. James brings a lifetime of experience, a youthful enthusiasm and energized insights to each of his talks.