“The Art of Life”

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” —Lao Tzu

I Believe

Metamorphosis is a word most frequently associated with the  four distinct stages a butterfly or moth transitions through during its evolution: Egg, Larva/Caterpillar or Feeding stage, Pupa/Chrysalis or Transition stage, and ultimately to the Adult or Reproductive stage. Each stage could be said to represent the transformation each individual experiences during their journey from birth through childhood, and adolescence to mature self-actualized human being. The problem being, most adults are still stuck in some rendition of Chrysalis or final transition to adulthood.

My desire as a speaker, author and resident of this glorious planet, is to help facilitate others realizing their Essential Humanityauthentic, God given, and free of limiting beliefs and egocentric barriers that corrode our humanity, rather than strengthen it. Our world was created with perfect symmetry, harmony and balance; engineered and imagined to sustain life on earth indefinitely. But, as a race of beings, we have exercised our free will to the detriment of this Immaculate Blueprint, bringing degradation to its most integral component, Truth! We have sought to subjugate the implacable nature of our Creator, harness the intangible essence of the sacred, and commercialize our beliefs at the expense of our souls. By breaking down the ramparts to communication so that individuals and businesses can thrive, to assist in the Upliftment of the Human Spirit, to suggest the possibility of a life lived with an open mind, to assist others expand the boundary of their own universe, and To Explore the Infinitude of Our Potential in Conscious Awareness, this is my daily hope, and the reason for the Metamorphosis project.

Evolution of an idea

Book ideas are like living creatures. Once the seed germinates, the shape, color, temperament, you name it, morphs and morphs again.

Metamorphosis has taken many forms over the last twenty years. SoulQuest, Authentic Living, Essential Humanity, etc., have all been working titles. Twenty years is a long time in human years, but not so long when you consider it takes a lifetime to amass the wisdom, knowledge and courage to step up to the plate and begin making a contribution for all the blessings life has delivered on. In large part I suppose, I have not been ready to complete a book whose content is a treatise on living authentically, uncompromisingly, true to oneself. It’s kinda hard to make that case when so much in my own life has always been up for grabs: career, relationships, finances, behavior . . . the list is pretty much endless. But, I suppose if I have learned anything, it is that we never stop evolving, growing, changing, and just when we think we have it figured out, life throws us a curveball.

My curveball came two years ago after being a lifetime bachelor, quite by accident I assure you. I met my wife Tatiana. Life changed. Eleven months later we were married in a storybook chapel in Montecito, CA, half a block from the beach, on a scorching hot August afternoon. Everything was perfect. Of course my bride was radiant and stunning in every way. And, I was no longer merely responsible for only myself. You know, my career, my money, my morning coffee, my friends, my activities, my stuff . . . now, it was just us. And to complicate matters, a month later we were pregnant. Us, plus one. Alexander came on June 21st, Summer Solstice baby boy, gorgeous, and suddenly, I went from a guy who had “most” of the pieces of the puzzle, to having more joy and happiness than I could have imagined.

So, that is a bit about me. At the time of my writing our son is nearly six weeks old, and my perspective is night and day from twenty years ago when I was trying desperately to put together the message that has become so clear to me today.

Nearly Twenty Years Ago

I wrote the introduction below at a time when my personal life was far too tumultuous to complete the book it was to accompany. A California beach boy from a storied family, too many options and opportunities, while wild and adventurous, my desire to help others was in it’s infancy.

At that time I had appropriated the amalgam, SoulQuest, as the working title. Now, after the continual desecration of otherwise significant words, and iconic material by the cultural barbarians of our world, insistent on subjugating sacred objects to their commercial whims, I decided to choose a far less exploited theme, Metamorphosis, as a less stereoed alternative. It is pragmatic for those that need that tone, and I think it is fitting, to the point, and fun. It is my hope that you will find your Inner Genius while taking ownership of your life back, and in the process discover—The Good Life. The life you were intended to live.

James Jordan

07-31-13 Santa Barbara, California


The Chrysalis Stage of Metamorphosis

In fairness to the reader I believe it is important to have a sense of where you are going on this journey, or SoulQuest. As with any artist, writer, or narrator, stories are told through the vision of the storyteller. Whether through the written word, spoken word, musical composition, dance, or other creative expression, it is the highest duty of the individual to pour themselves entirely into the creative process. Nothing but relentless personal truth will approximate a masterpiece. Nothing but absolute honesty in phrasing and interpretation will move the reader, the listener, or the observer. It is my desire to share with the reader my innermost views and experiences collected through a lifetime of tireless searching for my own identity and my purpose for being. My gift to give back to the “Family of the Earth” is my own personal truth.

In the early stages of listening to the message SoulQuest would build upon, I had a disturbing revelation; it seems everywhere I looked I saw people living their lives at the most fundamental level—survival. So many faces I looked into betrayed the fear and uncertainty that held their hearts captive. I cried for my own pain as I gazed on the endless procession of broken lives, lives hungry for love and healing.

Theodora Bosanquet, assistant to the great literary mind Henry James, said about her boss: “When he walked out of the refuge of his study and into the world and looked around him, he saw a place of torment, where creatures of prey perpetually thrust their claws into the quivering flesh of doomed, defenseless Children of Light….”

My driving motive for writing SoulQuest, is the hope that others will find their way back to the true path we were created to walk. No amount of mental manifestation will heal the deep wounds in our lives. But, by discovering the core of who we are beyond the cultural and societal mythology we all suffer from, by allowing our inner spirit to awaken to true spirituality, honoring the dignity of the soul, and embracing the Creative Force of Life, then, and only then, can we find who we are, why we are here, and have the healing we all need.

This is the journey of SoulQuest.

James Frederick Jordan

Today . . .

As the book evolves, I will continue to post it’s progress. Stay tuned.